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Advanced GMP Communication
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A-GMP소통 그룹 소개

Advanced GMP Communication Group (A-GCG / A-GMP소통 그룹)은 현재와 미래의 GMP에 대하여 관심이 있는 제약인 등으로 구성된 모임으로 주기적인 GMP 지식공유 세미나 등을 실시하고 있습니다. 이 모임은 목표는 다음과 같습니다.

  • 미래의 GMP를 국제 경쟁력있게 준비하자.
  • GMP 네트워크의 강화를 통하여 GMP 관련 기술의 공유를 실현하자.
  • 실제적인 GMP지식경영(지식공유)을 실현하자.

A-GMP소통 그룹 참여 방법

Advanced GMP Communication Group에 참여하고자 하시는 분은 아래의 연락처로 연락주시면 성심성의껏 참여 방법을 설명드리도록 하겠습니다. (다만, 본 모임의 참여조건은 본 모임의 규칙에 따릅니다).

  - gmp@biosupport.co.kr

A-GMP소통 그룹 활동 현황 및 계획 + 토론방
제목 PIC/S 2023-2027 Strategic Plan(2022년도 발표자료)
작성자 김경민
글정보 Hit : 56, Date : 2022/11/02 10:21
   PICS_2023~2027_Strategic_Plan_2022년_발표자료.pdf (2 MB), Download : 50

PIC/S 2023-2027 Strategic Plan(2022년도 발표자료)입니다(첨부 참조하세요)

The Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S) was established in 1995 as an extension to the Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention (PIC) of 1970 (see Annex). PIC/S is a legally non-binding co-operative arrangement between Regulatory Authorities in the field of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) of medicinal products for human or veterinary use. It is open to any Authority having a comparable GMP inspection system. On 31 December 2021, PIC/S comprised 54 Participating Authorities (PAs) from all continents. PIC/S strives to improve public health by leading development and implementation of inspection frameworks for human and veterinary medicines through harmonisation of standards and offering world class training to regulatory inspectors around the globe. This is achieved by harmonising inspection procedures worldwide, by developing common standards in the field of GMP, by providing training opportunities to inspectors and by facilitating co-operation and networking between competent authorities, regional and international organisations, thus increasing confidence, inspection reliance and avoiding duplication of efforts as well as wasting of resources. A Committee of the Participating Authority representatives (the PIC/S Committee) supervises the operation of the Scheme. All decisions are taken unanimously. The Committee is assisted in its task by (i) various Sub-Committees; (ii) an Executive Bureau, which steers the Organisation in-between meetings; and (iii) a Secretariat, which supports PIC/S bodies in their duties. This is the PIC/S 2023-2027 Strategic Plan.

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